Frequently asked questions about chaga.

What is different calowy tea from the chaga extract?
Calowy tea is dried and powdered chaga mushroom. Chaga extract is a concentrated extract of the fungus biologically active substances. Our ciowy extract produced by the method of water extraction followed by sublimation drying (freeze). The lack of heat treatment ensures the preservation of active substances intact.
Which is more efficient: calowy tea or chaga extract?
Well one complements the other. Calowy tea is a tea beverage having a health effect under the condition of proper preparation and regular long-term use.But the concentration of biologically active substances in the drink is not so significant to use it for medicinal purposes.
Chaga extract - this is BAD, this is a highly concentrated powder in large quantities rich in biologically active substances of the fungus. The concentration of antioxidants is very high, so regular use of the extract could lead to meaningful therapeutic effect.Thus, in case of illness or for prevention primarily used chaga extract.
How much do I need to buy the chaga extract?
It depends on Your goal. If you want only to treat gastritis or temporarily solve the problem with constipation, then of course 100g is enough. One package is enough for more than a month of daily use and the effect of the fungus you still feel. However, this amount is clearly insufficient to seriously improve their health and to obtain tangible and solid results. So if we are talking about some important health issues, we strongly recommend you to buy just 1 kg, 10 packages. Moreover, we provide discount. This will last almost a year of regular use. Once again we remind you that the use of the fungus will be effective only if it is regular and longer. Would be a shame if begin to improve, and to "build on the success of" you hurt no product. We say this not just so, but because they already have experience when clients call me urgently and don't always work, because chaga extract that we offer is exported, and the Russian market it is only available on our special order and in small quantities. This is not a product of mass production.
And can be eaten raw or dried fungus?
Raw chaga is not based on mainly for sanitary reasons. Dried chaga is possible, but it is completely useless. Chaga like most other fungi are not absorbed by the human body in raw form. The fact that fungi are composed of chitin which man holds the cells of the biological substances of the fungus. To rasipati and digest chitin, and hence the digest contained in the fungi substances, our bodies need a special enzyme - Chitinase. But this enzyme we do not have. So if you eat raw chaga, it is simply completely pass through the body without providing any benefit. In order to break walls of chitin and make chaga digestible and is used in the extraction process. Methods of extraction there are several, but the best known are the extraction of hot water and alcohol. So well infused with hot water calowy tea it's a mini-extraction, and biologically active substances of chaga, at least partially, but digestible. Our chaga extract utilized 100%, it does not require the infusion as it is extracted water extract powder.
Why is Siberian chaga the best chaga collected in other regions of the Russian Federation and in other countries?
First, the content of biologically active substances in chaga collected in different regions are different. Chaga grown in Siberia contains the largest amount of antioxidants. This was mainly due to the cold climate of Siberia and the clean air. Secondary metabolites of the fungus (most items with a therapeutic effect) are developed as a protective reaction to environmental hazards and threats to the protective system of the birches on which it grows chaga. The more severe the climate, the greater the chaga. That is why the cultured, cultured chaga has no therapeutic value, because this chaga is cultivated on rice or on a different basis.
Secondly, which is especially important in chaga is its ecological purity, i.e. absence of radioactive substances, the various chemical contaminants, heavy metals, etc. Chaga as a sponge sucks up any contaminants from the environment. Therefore, it is important that the collection of the fungus was carried out in remote from major settlements areas and especially far from any industrial enterprises.
Our chaga is harvested in ecologically clean regions of Siberia at the distance of no closer than 300-500km from major cities. All chaga is radiological and phytosanitary control.
Is it safe chaga?
Our chaga - Yes.Full safety of drugs fungus at therapeutic doses, confirmed by numerous clinical tests with continuous long-term use of them in the groups of patients with stage IV cancer, peptic ulcer, gastritis etc. (E. Y. Martynova, 1961, 1966 P. K. Bulatov, 1961, 1966).
Can I use chaga children?
Chaga extract is not recommended for children under 12. This restriction is caused by the fact that clinical trials with patients this age group have not been conducted.
Can I buy not ground chaga, and in large pieces?
Yes, you can. Pieces of about 5 cm.
What is different from Befungin chaga extract W&M?
Befungin was invented and clinically tested by Soviet scientists in the 1960s in the USSR. Due to the fact that there has been clinical testing, which showed a significant therapeutic effect on cancer patients, this drug has been registered as a drug. Befungin is available in liquid form and has a supplements. Our chaga extract is the basis of befungin, but in the form of a water-soluble Selenomethionine powder.
Why is your chaga extract was as BAD, and Befungin as a medicine?
Although the main active ingredient of Befungin is chaga extract (raw material), there is a Supplement. In this case, it is a drug with a specific brand name, and its clinical trials have been conducted as a drug, not as raw materials.Our chaga extract is also has been registered as a drug, it also needed a name, something to add and to conduct clinical trials. Now it's all done on a commercial basis, is very expensive and takes years. Such opportunities at our company there.
I'd like to buy your chaga extract, but I'm suspicious to all sorts of powders, pills and capsules. You can guarantee that your extract powder is a completely natural product without additives?
Yes, you can. Our chaga extract is produced in strict accordance with the specifications. Official documents and certificates can be viewed here.We don't add anything to our chaga extract is a completely natural product and is 100% chaga mushroom.
I still don't understand what is chaga extract. It's finely milled chaga? Can you explain how you make them.
No, it's not just "milled chaga". Our extract is made by special technology. 
Chaga extract is the extract of nutrients from the fungus, made with hot water in a vacuum. The resulting after extraction of a thick semi-fluid extract dried by freezing (sublimation) concentrating and preserving all that is valuable in chaga. One kilo of our extract is obtained from approximately 8 kg of the fungus. Unlike Befungin, our soluble chaga extract powder has a pleasant taste and no smell. You may wish to change the concentration, it is convenient to take, for example, to work, drink tea instead, thereby avoiding interruptions to use. Production technology of our chaga extract has the know-how, so it is absolutely accurately tell you how we achieve such high quality we can't. The approximate scheme of the production process located on this page.
Tell me how to make an infusion of the fungus and how to use it?
Tincture of the fungus which would be effective in principle, does not exist. The reason is that you can insist for example raw chaga in alcohol, but in such a tincture would be a very small quantity of nutrients as main active substances such as polysaccharides and chromogenic complex (guminopodobna acids) stretch of the fungus only hot water. If you just brew a tea with chaga that you can't leave it to "brew", as in a few days it will begin to grow fungi (mold). So calowy tea you need to drink at once, hot. But in this case it cannot be called prefects, but only tea, since the concentration of biologically active substances will be miserable.
Therefore, the optimal and effective product with high concentration of nutrients extracted from the fungus is a chaga extract in a dry soluble powder.
You write that you are in Krasnodar. And unless chaga grows in the Krasnodar Region?
No, of course, chaga doesn't grow here. Our chaga extract is made in the Altai. We are a distributor of LLC "Visterra", Altai Krai. Extract is manufactured in the factory in the Altai.
Where can I see feedback about the use of chaga extract?
Such reviews have not yet a bit, but even those that are already impressive. As the chaga extract for many years exported to foreign market, and reviews a lot more about it from the foreign consumers. About them you can read here (we moved most of them on Russian language). And to have statistics and information about the real effect of the fungus on the human body in Russia, we urge users of chaga to tell us about their experiences on the forum below or send your feedback to us.



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