110 р.

Shilajit Mumi Created by the nature of the Altai Mountains. A balanced combination of a variety of organic and mineral compounds that are part of Shilajit (organic acids, amino acids, more than 30 micro - and macronutrients, etc.), determines its broad spectrum of action. In folk medicine Shilajit is used as an anti-inflammatory, wound healing agent.

It is recommended to take as an additional tool: fractures, injuries, burns, skin diseases, peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum, diseases of the gallbladder, liver, kidneys, diseases of the nervous system, inflammatory and allergic diseases, blood diseases, in the complex treatment of patients in the postoperative period, with the decline of strength, fatigue, stress.

Composition: Shilajit of Altai mountains purified-100%

Available in weight: 100 gr., 50 gr., 20 gr., 10 gr.,

Contraindications: pregnancy, breast-feeding, urolithiasis.

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