We sell Siberian chaga extract of the highest quality.Course admission for the year.

Article: СHE-0010
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Chaga extract in a soluble powder in the annual course.
Extract of chaga mushroom is one of the strongest natural antioxidants and immunomodulators. Recent studies fully confirm this thesis. In this regard, the demand for birch fungus greatly increased, thousands of people have already experienced positive effects from taking the extract.
Want to have a strong immunity? Forget about the cold? Worried that the body has accumulated a lot of toxins? With the present - the ecology of chaga extract what the doctor ordered. You can use chaga extract to fight the tumors and in the treatment of diabetes, for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, obesity, nervous disorders and diseases of the skin and hypertension. Prevent the development of diseases using chaga extract for prevention or simply as an additional source of energy.
Learn more about the beneficial properties of birch fungus, recipes and recommendations, you can read here.
Chaga extract powder
Our product is completely natural water-soluble powder placeny by low-temperature vacuum dehydration or water extraction Siberian chaga mushroom with subsequent vacuum-pulse drying with maximum preservation of biologically akutnih substances. It can be dissolved both in hot and in cold water. To produce one kg. of the extract we are using 8 kg of raw material. Therefore, the concentration of biologically active substances in the extract max. 
The drink has a pleasant taste and color is no different from instant coffee. By the way, the most desperate coffee drinkers can mix the extract with coffee and get a healthy, flavorful drink.
Effective therapy with chaga provides for its long-term use. To obtain significant results should drink extract at least 4 months. On the other hand, lowering blood sugar occurs after 4 days of admission.
In the Certificates section you can find relevant documents.
We recommend you to buy just 1 kg, that is 10 packs. This quantity will last for years of regular use. Chaga extract is absolutely non-toxic and well studied as it has national scientists scientists of Korea, Finland, USA, Japan, Holland, where the fungus is very popular.
To use for children 12 years of age.
Application: 2-3 times daily 1 teaspoonful of powder (without slides) is dissolved in 200ml of warm, hot or cold water. You can add honey, sugar or milk as desired.
Option use: put 2 teaspoons of powder (no slides) of the extract in a 1.5 liter bottle of water without gas. Shake to dissolve the powder and drink throughout the day.
Contraindications: intolerance to product ingredients, pregnancy and breast-feeding. Is not a drug. BAD to the food. Before use, consult your doctor.
Packaging: foil pack with a reusable zipper. 
Shelf life: 2 years from date of manufacture. To protect from moisture.
Net weight: 100g


А могу я купить не 1кг экстракт чаги а 0,5 кг?
Конечно можете, только в этом случае нет скидки. Дело в том, что даже если у вас ничего серьезного со здоровьем и вы хотите просто попить полгодика для профилактики, то уже факт, что к экстракту чаги быстро привыкаешь и он быстро заканчивается, и потом опять придется проходить весь процесс заказа заново. А ведь бывают и перебои с товаром, именно нашего экстракта чаги производится не так уж и много для продаж по России, он в 90% идет на экспорт. Поэтому,если у кого какие серьезные проблемы со здоровьем, рак или псориаз или диабет,то покупать нужно однозначно 1кг, и пить целый год каждый день. Иначе если будете делать перерывы эффект может быть не тот.
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