Online shop of useful products from birch fungus.
Our online store offers to sell only exclusive products of the fungus. And it's not just high words, we will now explain why it is necessary to make an order from us and why the products we offer will be difficult to find elsewhere.
Briefly about what chaga or birch fungus.
Chaga mushroom has unique properties and is known worldwide for its healing abilities. Really know about it not many, it is not advertised on TV, don't talk about him on the radio, etc. But his ability is confirmed not only by hundreds of years of practice of traditional medicine, but also doctors in white coats. By the way, on our website You will find lots of interesting information about chaga, we will describe a personal experience and reports of Russian biologists, European and Asian scientists. Cancer, diabetes, gastritis, gastric ulcer, psoriasis – this is an incomplete list of diseases, against which will help the chaga. But that's not all, this fungus promotes rejuvenation and healing of the body at the cellular level. The use of chaga extract improves immune system, removes toxins and slags.

Гриб чага

The advantages of our store.


Chaga harvested in forests in the Altai mountains, in ecologically clean places. The nearest big city from the collection site located two kilometers.
Many manufacturers use the heat-drying of the fungus, which naturally leads to loss of vitamins and minerals at high temperatures. Chaga extract, which you buy in our store is made by technology of low-temperature vacuum dehydration. After water extraction in vacuum, the obtained thick extract to dry using a vacuum-pulse drying. Thus, we retain all the useful properties of chaga.
 We do not sell chagoya "dummy". Of course the placebo effect has not been canceled, why should it expect? We have fungus in tablets, capsules, or drops, because of research and our own experience suggests that it is ineffective supplements.
All our products are made of wild Siberian chaga, so we guarantee the quality. There are no preservatives, flavor enhancers or dyes.

Чага молодая

Documents and cerificate.
Questions of the legality, sanitary cleanliness and the claimed quality characteristics of our products are fully proved by official documents which can be found in section "Certificates".
The structure of the site
In the section "Frequently asked questions" we have tried to answer the most important questions on chaga. If there is no issue that interests you, Write to us, we will try to answer.
Section "Cahootie" includes a lot of material about the chaga mushroom. There you will find information about chaga absolutely new for Russia, we specifically and simply tried to explain all the nuances about the fungus that most collectors, sellers and users of the fungus do not even realize.
"Articles" section contains useful information, articles, videos about chaga, about cancer, about useful and harmful foods, fasting, etc. the Section is constantly updated, so check back often. There you will find recipes, healthy cooking, fungus.
Using Express delivery EMS and SDC we will promptly deliver goods to any region of Russia.
We guarantee environmental cleanliness, the absence of any additives, preservatives, flavor enhancers or dyes. Buying chaga in the Internet-shop "World of fungus" You can be sure that you are buying 100% natural product of the highest quality.
Made in Siberia.